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40 yrs of

creating WOW!

this is the LAZYDAYS logo
this is the extreme rv's logo from the television show
this is a photo of the owner of brunningvm

R. A. Brunning

Principal - Owner


Watch their show


on the


"Great VM is the last free form

of shopping entertainment!"

What BVM can do for you::


We help retail be it's best! That's it!

Pretty simple mission statement.

Who doesn't want to be their very best in retail? Everyone does, but the successful ones know the hard work behind getting there.

All types of retail, from established companies to business start-ups, want to reach the best shopping experience possible for their customers.

It's the result of a lot of determining factors:

Planning - being ready for an opening, or a new season

Studying - knowing what your customers think of your store

Creativity - what it takes to keep your customers in AWE of you!

Daily Recovery - how your employees act and take care of your store

Changing - keeping the merchandise and visuals selection fresh


...just to mention a few.


BVM can help you get there, and stay there, so your company reaches

it's sales goals. Some of our clients have exceeded their business expectations and decided to expand, opening new locations and inviting

us to assist them again. And some bring us in to help them maintain what

we helped them start. Whatever the need, we're here with the experience

to help create that "WOW" every retailer wants to differentiate them from

the melting pot of competitors. We help you look your very best!

Be true to your brand. Always develop campaigns to keep your business

in the minds of your customers. All their senses need to be addressed.

Let them hear your branded music, your seasonal campaigns.



Like Mary Portas in the UK. Gotta love her! She's our kind of VM'er!

Click below to watch her in action!

When considering new mannequins, BVM recommends


We can customize their forms

to fit your special needs.

this is the title screen to Mary Queen of Charity Shops on YouTube and is also a link to the show
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