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Visual Merchandising

Standards keep retail

moving forward! Your sales are directly affected by how well you maintain these standards.


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Imagine creativity as little orbs of energy floating about. Grab an idea and make it happen! We believe everyone can be creative. If you own or manage a retail store, you know how vital creative displays can be. Creative VM is important for your survival in this changing landscape of retail. It needs to educate trends as well as entertain. Your customers want to see exciting displays throughout your store, in your entrance windows, on your website... EVERYWHERE!


Is YOUR VM helping sales or hurting sales?  Is your store environment customer friendly? Exciting? Are the displays so enticing and colorful that visitors to your store will spend their hard earned money with YOU? What do YOU offer to get them off their couch and into your store?


BVM first helps you define your customer base - how many types of customers shop your store. Then we create and install visual WOW's to communicate to each category. Your signage, your fixtures, your "look", your AR (Augmented Reality), it all needs to connect with your customer. 

BrunningVM has successfully helped many retailers rebuild their strong visual presence. We also work with start-up businesses to create a custom store design and a strong VM foundation on which to build upon with each year of sales growth. Monthly VM services are available to keep your store exciting and attractive to your shoppers.

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Practicing good Visual Merchandising can make the difference in having your customer perceive you as a strong retailer, using the rules of Color, Lighting, Ease of Traffic, Organized Merchandise, versus a retailer who does not respect today's customer's expectations.

Times have changed. Customers want to get in, find what they want, pay for it and get back to their jobs, their families, their pets, their responsibilities. If you want to bring customers in, you have to entertain them, pamper them, make it worth their while to having left home, wear a mask, fight traffic, park, and visit you when they could have stayed at home and let the mailman or drone deliver their online purchases!


It's important that a well-planned sales floor be ready for business every morning when the doors open for their customers. Clear signage, attractive displays, and a safe shopping environment, interwoven with a few special WOW's throughout the store, are the perfect welcome for any visitor with money to spend! ..... Is your store ready every morning? Is it exciting? Is it perfect? Let's discuss it. Call us.

The Flip

...can double your sales floor

capacity, stores it's own shelves and hardware, & is available in hundreds of metal finishes and woods, new or recycled!

Let BVM customize

one of our Flip fixtures

to fit your needs.